Friday, 24 August 2007

Opinion Should be Based on Fact....

.... in my opinion.
I would like to publish an example for the heading above.

I maintain that Britain is not a nation, but practically all of us have been conditioned to believe that it is. We all grew up unaware of the difference. If Britain is composed of three (some would say four) nations, how is it possible that Britain is also a nation? In answering this question one should bear in mind that belief, which arises out of conditioning from an early age, fashions one's opinions. Conditioning is therefore another word for brainwashing, whether by accident or design. So we tend to express opinions out of belief, as we have identified with our beliefs and cannot see the wood for the trees. We accept what we have been told, or taught, without delving into the logic of it or understanding the true facts. It is not possible to divide truth but because of conditioning it is very difficult to define what truth is. Either you see it or you don't. Trying to analyse it or define it is not the answer. But it helps greatly to study the facts dispassionately, with an open mind, and truth will make itself apparent without too much effort.

(belief : old Saxon be-lief = to make a wish / i.e. wishing something were true).

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