Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Hands Across the Sea

Continuing the thread focusing on the links between various groups with similar aspirations I am posting more addresses for Cornish petitions, as follows :
(here are some Cornish petitions feel free to pass them on).
2011 UK Census - Cornish Tick Box: http://www.promessotheque.com/Cornish-Tick-Box
Cornish Bank Holiday on 5th March to commemorate St Piran’s Day: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/St-Pirans-Day/
Free Kernow Petition: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/FreeCornwall/

Personally I don't know how much effect these petitions have, and there are many petitions being constantly sent to 10 Downing Street. I don't know how seriously they are taken by the powers that be. In any case, it is helpful and commendable to assist and support our Celtic brothers and sisters and cousins and establish links among ourselves. So we are in the process of opening up the channels of communication between the various somewhat isolated groups throughout the world, in New York, Virginia, Arizona, Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland - to name a few. This exchange of ideas and information gives support and sustenance to all those who truly desire to see the day when independence dawns for the peoples of the Celtic diaspora, Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Galicia, Navarra and Asturias. This blog site may be a repository for all the information submitted by these various groups and individuals, and will strengthen the links as well as the resolve of those who seek justice and freedom for our various and unique nations.

Trust that this helps to draw everyone together and to unite for Wales

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