Friday, 24 August 2007

Getting Closer to Independence for Cymru

"Independence Cymru" made it to the pages of the "Western Mail" again today with the publication of the letter about Glyn Davies and his remarks on independence (see this blog : "Death of a Myth"). This letter was followed by one from our good friend Cllr. Gwyn Hopkins which deals with the issue of the unrepresentative Union flag. As we all know Dai is not there on the Union Jack, whereas the cross of Paddy is, and Ireland is not a part of the Union. What a peculiar situation for John Bull and the constitution! As a result, it appears that this flag is flown at public buildings throughout the land under false pretences!
Come on...............what do you say? Yes or no?
An article in the same issue of the "Western Mail" features` Adam Price M.P., and is headed -
"Plaid starts to utter the dreaded "I" word as M.P. predicts Welsh independence by 2020."
It says :
"Changes in Scotland and England will bring a separate state closer". You bet they will, and this blog predicts that we will not have to wait until 2020 to achieve the big "I" word.

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