Saturday, 11 August 2007

List of 15 Battles in Wales......... and the Next

Battle of Chester 616 AD, Battle of Mynydd Carn 1081, Battle of Crug Mawr 1136, Battle of Maes Gwenllian 1136, Battle of Coleshill 1150, Battle of Hawarden 1157, Battle of Crogan 1165, Battle of Painscastle 1198, Battle of Orewin Bridge 1282, Battle of Bryn Glas (Pilleth) 1402, Battle of Campston Hill 1404, Battle of Craig-y-dorth 1404, Battle of Pwll Melin 1405, Battle of Grosmont 1405 , Battle of Twthill 1461.
The greatest Battle of all is yet to be won, though not through force of arms. It is of course the battle for recognition as a nation separate from England and not incorporated with it as ordained in the constitution. Scotland's battle is in progress and if the polls reflect the true wishes of the Scottish people (now 48% for the SNP, and a 16-point lead over Labour), the indications are that Scotland will be independent within the next decade. Wales will not be far behind, as there is undoubtedly a growing sense of national consciousness permeating through the nation. I hear it on the radio, on the television and read it in the newspapers. These are the voices of liberty and pride in nationhood. We encourage all readers, whatever their origins, race, colour, religion, ideology or nationality, to lend their support and open their hearts and minds to the prospect which lies ahead of us in Cymru.


vanfuertes said...

I'm asking this more as a way to educate myself than to try to pick holes in your analysis of Welsh nationalism, but doesn't it actually depress you to see the strides the SNP are making?

It seems to me, as someone living in England, that Welsh nationalism will ALWAYS be significantly weaker than Scottish nationalism.

a) There are many more English people living in Wales than Scotland
b) A large component of Welsh nationalism is the Welsh language. However, most people in Wales do not speak it.
c) Economically speaking, independence is more viable for Scotland. Edinburgh is a major financial centre, Cardiff is not. Scotland has North Sea oil, Wales does not.

What is it that leads you to believe the Welsh will push on towards independence?

alanindyfed said...
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alanindyfed said...

a) it soes not matter that there are more English people living in Wales than in Scotland. Many of them support us
b) it does not matter that most people speak English. Welsh is the language of the nation. Ireland speaks English 95%
c) Wales has huge coal resources. There are ways to burn it cleanly to produce energy. Economically Wales is perfectly viable.

Welsh people will see that independence is in their best interests. English people do not understand our history or even their own.

johnny foreigner said...

a).....and even more of us don't.

b) If Welsh is the language of Wales, how come so few of us speak it or wish to?

c) Slight problems there Alan. Wales' coal stocks are there, but who's going to dig it out? Who's going to pay for its extraction? Unless, of course, you would wish this enterprise to be susidised again. Who would willingly send their children to the mines if there were a viable employment opportunity?

Would you work there? No, I thought not. Are you prepared to send the workers of Wales to this unfriendly and dangerous enviromnment for your selfish dreams?

Coal is not the fuel of the 21st Century. Let it rest where it is for the health of us all, moreso the unfortunate miners whose health and wellbeing you are prepared to sacrifice for your own selfish Nationalistic ends.

Drift mines scar the landscape. Deep mines scar the landscape with massive amounts of 'spoil'. Coal dust scars the lungs of the

Whilst there are new so-called 'clean' methods of combustion for coal, it is generally accepted that coal burning by any means is still a major cause of pollution.

I have yet to hear even one practical proposal from you, regarding Wales' potential for Independence, that makes any sense at all. None of your dreams have any practical foundation and are really based on fable and a scanty grasp of reality.

Your recent suggestion for the defence of an 'independent Wales' borders on the lunatic!

You propose that "armoury's" (sic) (it's actually 'armouries') be set up around Wales in a similar manner to the Swiss. Exactly who is to use these weapons? Exactly what type of weapons do you propose? Who guards them from theft? Who monitors and leads the users?

You obviously have no concept of modern defensive strategy and I can assure you that the 'Dad's Army' that you propose would be an absolute last resort.

Leave weaponry and warfare to the professionals Alan. You are well out of your depth.

You propose that 'gun clubs' be involved in this activity. Why?

Having shot full bore and precision pistol for some years at a number of ranges in Wales, I can assure you that there are many irresponsible shooters and club members out there. I have seen many 'off-ticket' transactions take place and when certain shooters began to wear combat gear and bandannas to ranges that's when I decided to pull out and seek a more peaceful pastime. I chose the ukulele. Hungerford and Dunblane didn't help either.

My shooting activities nowadays are restricted to shooting flies in mid-flight with a rather effective 'Fly Gun' bought on eBay, just to keep my 'eye in'.

This recent proposal of yours has really shown your dreams in their true light.

Absolutely potty.

Your peaceful pal.


alanindyfed said...

JF, where did I say that old-fasioned methods of coal extraction were to be used? I am not talking about putting back the clock.
Where did I mention 'armouries' and 'gun clubs'? I haven't spoken about these matters.
Potty comments, I believe!

johnny foreigner said...

On your posting regarding ypour proposals for an 'independent' Wales, which appears to have been moved. This along with your proposal for Welsh only roadsigns etc.

Your pal.