Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Gates of Independence!

Reject Plaid, urges Howells

Jul 4 2007

by David James, South Wales Echo

WALES second most senior MP has stormed into the Labour/Plaid coalition row warning the nation stands “at the gates of independence”.
Foreign Office minister Kim Howells has written a letter to his Pontypridd constituency party urging them to reject the deal in their submission to Welsh Labour’s conference on Friday.
In the letter, he accuses Mr Morgan of “helping to deliver our communities into the hands of nationalist incompetents and separatists”.
Apart from Welsh Secretary Peter Hain, Pontypridd AM Dr Howells is the most senior MP in the Government in his role as Minister of State for the Middle East.
He added: “If this proposal is pushed through, it will mean the Labour Party in the Assembly will be the vehicle for transforming significant elements of Plaid Cymru’s political aspirations into reality.”

If you agree with this Blog and support the aims of Plaid you are nothing but an "incompetent and a separatist" or a hanger-on and you deserve nothing less than deportation, probably to Outer Patagonia.

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