Saturday, 4 August 2007

The Hand of Friendship

We at Plaid Cymru reach out and welcome all English immigrants and immigrants from overseas who have made their home in Wales, as well as friends and absent relatives from other lands across the world, to join with us and support us in our endeavours to promote Wales and the culture, language and community of Wales, as we pursue our constant and relentless struggle for justice and dignity, and advance towards our goal of independence and freedom for the country which is our ancestral home. We trust that each and everyone will come to regard Wales as his or her adopted homeland and bear in mind that Plaid alone is the Party of Wales.


Born English said...


I've lived in Wales for 50 years, but was born in England to English parents. As you lived outside of Wales for 20 years, does that make me more Welsh than yourself or am I still an immigrant?

alanindyfed said...

In my opinion your country is where your heart is. I was also born in
England but Wales is the Land of my Fathers. That makes me Welsh - and neither you nor I are immigrants.
There is no more or less, only allegiance.

born english said...

Well said!

what am I? said...

I have lived in Wales most of my life but I have never felt at home in North Wales and jury is still out on South Wales. Cardiff feels comfortable because I can be anonymous amongst all the others. Allegiance? A difficult one, Wales is part of me but my home is at home but it is not as clear cut as that... Divided, I suppose... I vote for Wales. What does it make me? A square peg in a round hole! Perhaps, I am a rolling stone?

alanindyfed said...

You say one crucial thing - you vote for Wales.
If you can say that you are already in accord with our philosophy.
Therefore you can claim this as your home. Plaid needs your vote and thousands like it to make the great leap forward (in the words of Chairman Mao!).