Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A "YES" Vote Must Be Overwhelming


Yes for Wales Swansea / Ie dros Gymru Abertawe

Great short film to celebrate the kick off of the Yes campaign in Swansea. Thanks very much to Ron Jones, Catring Evans & the team at Tinopolis ...
  4 weeks ago  1,339 views

Yes for Wales

Vote yes for Wales on March 3rd Pleidleisiwch Ie dros Gymru ar y 3ydd o Fawrth
  3 weeks ago  114 views

Vote YES for Wales on 3rd March 2011

On 3rd March, 2011, the people of Wales will be given the opportunity to have their say in the referendum for further law-making powers for the ...
  1 month ago  239 views

Yes for Wales: 23/1/2011

  3 weeks ago  89 views

Matthew Rhys - Yes for Wales

  4 weeks ago  623 views

Yes for Wales - Launch Campaign in Cardiff

Joy Kent of Cymorth Cymru gives her view as to why the people of Wales should vote Yes on 3 March 2011
  2 weeks ago  20 views

No2EU, Yes to Democracy - Wales broadcast (Welsh Language)

With meetings throughout Wales, in large cities and small town centres, the No2EU, Yes to Democracy is making a real impact. View here the ...
  1 year ago  620 views

Yes for Wales Rugby Stars / Ser Rygbi Ie dros Gymru

If you have not yet decided which way to vote on 3rd March, this may help. Os ydych heb benderfynu eto sut i bleidleisio ar 3ydd Fawrth, efallai ...
  2 weeks ago  309 views

Vote Yes in the Referendum for more powers for Wales on march 3rd 2011

This is a video to convince you as to why to vote yes in the referendum in Spring. This video is not a part of the official yesforWales campaing ...
  1 month ago  193 views

No2EU, Yes to Democracy - Wales broadcast (English Language)

With meetings throughout Wales, in large cities and small town centres, the No2EU, Yes to Democracy is making a real impact. View here the ...
  1 year ago  97 views

West Wales on BBC America & Author Clive Worth,

Yes, West Wales is on BBC America next Wednesday for the 4th time but sadly no one in Wales gets to know about this but I shall do my best to let ...
  2 years ago  67 views

Wales YES/NO Referendum 2011- The Dog Decides

A bit like that octopus who predicted the World Cup, but not cos its a dog that predicts politics or something i think.
  1 week ago  63 views

Cynog Dafis

Cynog Dafis explains why he'll be voting 'Yes for Wales'. ... wales "welsh assembly" referendum devolution ...
  3 months ago  6,819 views

Wales referendum 1997

Live BBC coverage of the Carmarthen result being declared in the 1997 referendum on devolution to Wales. This was the last council to announce its ...
  1 year ago  1,402 views

Cardiff Says Yes!

Video from the launch of Cardiff Says YES in which some of our supporters explain why they'll be saying 'Yes for Wales' in the referendum on ...
  1 week ago  52 views

Steve Howe Trio - Close To The Edge (YES)

Pontypridd, Wales, 13/03/10, Steve Howe Trio Travelling Tour originally on Close to the edge album of Yes Steve Howe - Guitar | Dylan Howe - Drums ...
  10 months ago  708 views

1999-00 Round 3/Game 7: End Game

Final minute of play including the presentation of the Prince of Wales Trophy to the New Jersey Devils, Eastern Conference Champions, and bound ...
  2 years ago  9,868 views

Michael Franti - Yes I will - Live @ the Prince of Wales Melbourne 4 ...

Michael Franti - Yes I will - Live @ the Prince of Wales Melbourne 4/5/2009
  1 year ago  460 views

Crazy Halo Reach Gameplay! (CTF)

. it would mean so much to me and if not for me for the wales yes the wales. Click here so buy halo reach www.amazon.com www.youtube.com/ ...
  3 months ago  121 views

Leanne Wood on Yes campaign

Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru speaking at the Yes campaign meeting at Chapter Arts on 10 February 2011.
  3 days ago  37 views

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