Thursday, 24 February 2011

Getting Closer to Autonomy

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No time for complancency with one week to go                                         
Dim amser i laesu dwylo gyda dim ond wythnos i fynd
Dear supporters,

Only a week to go and things are hotting up.

Tomorrow on Radio Wales there will be a discussion on the referendum between 12 and 2pm. Listen in and contribute by phoning to declare your support for a Yes vote.

Also remember to fill in this poll on the Wales Online website:-

'Yes for Wales' Chair Roger Lewis has issued a warning to supporters of a 'Yes' vote not to relax their efforts in the final week of the campaign.

"We're winning this argument when it comes to this referendum but we need to keep focused and not be complacent. Every vote counts on March 3rd", Roger Lewis said

"We still need to raise money. The more we raise, the more we can spend to make sure we win for Wales. Donating is easy through our and every pound is important.

"In the past week we've delivered a million leaflets but there's more to get out between now and polling day. Let's not be at all complacent - come and help the thousands of volunteers win a 'Yes for Wales' on March 3rd."


Caryl Wyn Jones
Yes for Wales

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