Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Which Way to Independence?

Borthlas, in his blog, claims that devolution does not lead to independence. He implies that Labour ushered in devolution without knowing where it would lead and what is certain is that the Labour government had no intention that it should lead to independence and the break-up of the Union as we know it. Those of us who welcomed devolution and the devolving of powers to the National Assembly did not necessarily see the end-game as independence - although some of us did. The method by which it was employed, through the introduction of LCO's proved to be cumbersome in the extreme, if not degrading for a nation to go "cap in hand" to the Westminster parliament for approval and ratification of laws which had been fully debated and passed by the Assembly in Cardiff.

The "Yes" vote in the forthcoming referendum on a Parliament for Wales is a means in part of resolving the present unsatisfactory situation and further cementing the powers of the legislature in Cardiff. It is another step in the road to devolution. Yet, as Scotland knows, the outcome will be less than a nation deserves. Although the Welsh government will have greater powers to manage its resources and legislate for its own people and nation, it will not have full control over decision-making in its own domain. The only way this can be achieved is by pursuing the path towards independence and national sovereignty.  So the question arises: how will independence be achieved?  I maintain that it will be achieved by default. When Scotland, which is farther along the road, both in its government's programme and in its favourable response from the people of Scotland, carries out its independence referendum successfully and with a positive outcome and withdraws from the Union, the scene will be set for the people of Wales to make a choice, to remain in a defunct Union which no longer has meaning or to opt for independence and allow Cymru to take its sovereign place alongside the nations of Europe.

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