Saturday, 12 July 2008

Ireland Awaits Unification

LONDON (AFP) - Thousands of people were Saturday attending a day of marches which was a symbol of sectarian tensions in Northern Ireland but has since been rebranded as a family-friendly pageant.

The Protestant Orange Order's annual marches marking their side's victory in the 1690Battle of the Boyne frequently sparked violence during "the Troubles", the civil unrest which plagued the British province until only a few years ago.
A reminder of the divisions which the parades still provoke came when an Orange Hall in Rasharkin, northeast Northern Ireland, was damaged in an apparent attempted arson attack early Saturday.
A bomb alert also delayed the parade there for several hours.
Many on the Catholic side steer clear of the parades, of which there are 19 across Northern Ireland this year, now been rebranded as an "Orangefest".

While-ever these politico-religious marches continue there will be no permanent settlement in Ireland. Re-branding them makes no difference whatsoever. The outcome
for Ireland will inevitably be unification, the just solution for Ireland, and those who perpetuate division and intolerance are obstacles in the way of progress.

(Alan in Dyfed)

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