Saturday, 12 July 2008

Scottish Government Tackles "Ageism"

From the Scots Independent....

The Scottish Government has launched a very positive campaign this week, which some of you may have seen on TV and in the newspapers aimed at ending ageism in our society. I have been particularly impressed by the television adverts which, unusually for public service broadcasts were both entertaining and thought provoking.

Ageism affects both young and old alike and the latest ads are a good way to highlight how stereotypes, often reinforced by misleading tabloid headlines, lead to irrational tensions and fears between young and old.

Like those issues related to religion, gender and colour, people of all ages need to look at individuals as people, regardless of who they are and make their decisions on that. Good and bad doesn't run between people, but often runs through them.

All of us have been young at some point, even me, and most of us will end up being old. What we need to start doing is to communicate and I am certain this latest campaign by the Government will lead to some positive dialogue on that front. It is a long overdue initiative, but a positive step in the right direction

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