Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Way to Independence

Independence doesn't come by itself. If you really want to be free you have to earn your freedom. You have to dedicate yourself to bringing it about. You have to talk to others about it whenever you get the opportunity, to the point of exhaustion. The good news will be spread throughout the land if you mention the word "independence" at least once a day in your daily life and in your social contacts. It will be infectious, and will become ingrained in the minds of those who never considered it important or worth thinking about. At first you will surely meet with resistance. It is inevitable as a result of the years of conditioning which has formed the minds of those who accepted the status quo unthinkingly, without considering and giving credence to other possibilities and alternative points of view. Nothing is impossible, with the right degree of inspiration, purpose and will. Dreams can change to realities and before you know it you are living a free life in a free land.
There is power in the will to create, to change and make a difference. The time to start is now, is always now.... and "independence" will be on the lips of all.

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