Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Election Day in Glasgow East - Remember Culloden!

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The people of Glasgow East have continued to vote labour even while the area has degraded. I grew up in Easterhouse and could never understand the mentality of 'My dad voted labour and I will too' particularly when the labour city council tried their best to prevent weegies from buying their council homes and basically keep us as far down as possible...the area needs to lose labour and see some real change but to be honest I'm not sure they have the sense or independent thought required to do so at this point.

The people of Scotland wait with baited breath for the results of the election in Glasgow East. This result could signify a major breakthrough in the fortunes of the SNP. The SNP has the full support and the good wishes of Welsh and Cornish nationalists during the course of this vital election.

The Scottish National Party welcomed the publication of a poll released today, which shows that only 46% of people believe that Labour can win the Glasgow East by-election, while 51% said the SNP would govern Glasgow East better than Labour and only 24% disagreed.
In addition, 54% said that Alex Salmond has been good at him job as First Minister, with only 19% saying the opposite.
SNP Westminster leader Mr Angus Robertson MP said:
“This is an excellent eve of poll election boost for John Mason and the SNP.
"The results are fantastic – and they show that we are witnessing a tale of two governments. The SNP Government under Alex Salmond is demonstrating competence, credibility and success, while Gordon Brown's administration dithers its way from crisis to crisis, and does nothing in the face of rising fuel and food prices.

“Above all, these figures show that the SNP are on the people’s side, and Labour are out of touch. That is why I believe the people will be on the SNP’s side in Glasgow East, and why the tale of two governments – SNP success and Labour failure – can take John Mason and the SNP over the winning line.”

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