Saturday, 13 October 2007

Five Words Which Belie the Nation of Cymru

I publish the following to highlight the final five words of the statement issued by the Conservative Party. The final five words deny all that has been aforesaid.

Ten years ago the people of Wales narrowly voted for devolution. Since then, with devolution in practice in Wales more people believe devolution is necessary and the National Assembly has become an established part of the political landscape.

Welsh Conservatives have accepted the result of the referendum and are committed to making devolution work Our task now is to use devolution imaginatively to make a strong Wales in a strong Britain. Successive Conservative leaders have supported greater autonomy for the Welsh Conservative Party. We now have our own Management Board, our own candidate selection committees and policies that are home grown here in Wales. Our minority Party debate this week in the Chamber was on the Welsh language.

Welsh Conservatives will continue to establish our own Welsh identity whilst remaining committed to the Union.


Anonymous said...

Ok we all know the Tories are committed to the Union but what about Plaid Cymru ... just how committed are they to independence?

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep taking photographs of yourself? Haven't you got any mates to take them for you? Oh... silly question.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should just ask Brian Gibbons to get him a decent suit.

Alan clearly uses Rhodri Morgan's favourite tailors: Milletts.

alanindyfed said...

Envy will get you nowhere on my blog.
Why not just do like everyone is supposed to do and confine your comments to the content of the posting?

Glyn Davies said...

Alan, of course the Conservatives are commited to the Union. I've never heard a Tory say otherwise. The debate is about what sort of 'Union' and what sort of federal devolved arrangement is established within it. And I would not try to pretend that there are not different opinions about this within our party. I may well believe that Wales should have its own 'Parliament' with Scottish Parliament type powers in devolved areas - but I remain commited to the Union with the Queen as our Head of State. Its just that I don't go on about it much.

alanindyfed said...

The question is :
Does the Union have any relevance once Scotland and Wales are independent nations? I think not.

Also, if both nations have Parliaments and are self-governing what is the purpose of the Union anyway?

Nominally the Queen might continue her role as heads of the separate states as in Canada and Australia.

RG said...

Agree with your gist on this post but in the description of your blog you say "Wales and Scotland represent the last relic of English colonisation...The English from Ireland in 1921". This is totally incorrect as the North of Ireland still suffers from English colonisation and plantation.

alanindyfed said...

Yes, you are right in saying they still retain control of the six counties which I omitted to mention.
I'll make a change to that heading. Thx

Anonymous said...

The Assembly and the Scottish EU-controlled 'Parliament' should be closed-down. Both institutions are inherently divisive. What is needed is a stronger Parliament in Westminster with powers taken back from the EU.