Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Does Blogging Make a Difference?

A great deal of creative energy is spent on the political blogs which proliferate in the Blogosphere. It is interesting to speculate on the extent to which blogging makes a difference. To examine this question we need to be aware as to who are readers are, and the backgrounds from whence they come. Several of our most loyal readers are fellow bloggers who like to keep in touch with events and the current trend of political thought and discourse. It is a useful discipline for concentrating our own thoughts and focus our minds and a means to contribute our comments to the various blogs, and this interactivity is enlivening. The predominance of comments posted by the ubiquitous “anonymous” however largely obscures the contributor and guarantees that nobody can be held responsible for comments which are in any way obnoxious or unwanted.

The presence of the internet ensures that our blogs are read in distant lands as well as closer to home, providing a contact with home for the expatriates who live and work in other parts of the world. The blogger obviously keeps a blog in order to express his views to a cyber-public, but to what extent do these views filter down to the general populace and influence their thinking, or steer the course of political thought and give momentum to the course of events? This is the question we may ask ourselves but there is no easy answer. We can only hope that our efforts will not be in vain, and that our blogging furthers the various causes to which we adhere and makes a real difference to the lives of the people of Wales and beyond.

How can we influence events and make a difference? It is a question every nationalist (Plaid or other) should bear in mind, in the interests of Wales and the Welsh people.

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Anonymous said...

Most bloggs are just plain rubbish e.g teenagers vomiting about their latest shopping spree, or housewifes describing their lonely lives.
You have to pick a blogg that reflects your own opinion of course and there's tons of them out there.
/The kinky Swede