Monday, 29 October 2007

Do You Mean What I Think You Mean?

It is interesting how, when a prominent party member, AM. or MP. comes out with a potentially controversial statement, other members of his/her party rush in with an attempt at damage limitation. So when a Stephen Crabb or a Peter Hain or a Don Touhig utter something that may be misread or misconstrued in the eyes of their political colleagues or adversaries, a Glyn Davies or a Paul Flynn downplay the remarks and sanitise them to make them acceptable to reasonable public opinion. It makes one wonder whether to take them at their word or question their motives in saying what they did.
Has anyone noticed? Comments welcomed!


Glyn Davies said...

What on earth do you mean. all I did was actually read the article rather than the reports of it.

alanindyfed said...

It's OK, the point I was making is that wild horses have to be reined in to preserve some degree of stability.
Just observing this at work.