Saturday, 6 October 2007

Let Them All Come and Support Wales

Plaid Cymru has been the target of some well-intentioned and seductive approaches by Nick Bourne and Glyn Davies of the "Welsh" Conservative Party as they see that Plaid supporters are apparently split between the left and the right, and they are hoping that those on the right would be happy to vote Conservative in a possible General Election. In my opinion, what they fail to realise is that Plaid, though founded on socialist principles, is not the party of political ideology per se. It is the Party of Wales and it represents the Welsh people as a whole, whatever political views they may adhere to. Other major parties essentially represent the Anglo-centric politics of Westminster and do not have a claim to be recognised as a party of Wales. Only when they sever the umbilical cord with London will they serve the interests of the people of Wales in the context of Wales and not in the context of Britain. Let them all come and join the Party of Wales.


Anonymous said...

As a matter of interest what exactly are these socialist principles? And was Plaid actually founded on socialist principles?

Alwyn ap Huw said...

Plaid was NOT founded on Socialist Principals. Socialist entryists have taken the party over.

alanindyfed said...

Time to stop talking about socialist or capitalist principles and think about what is best for Wales.
It's people, not politics.

Anonymous said...

Yes I know Alwyn. I was just querying what the hell Alan was on about with his Plaid was founded on socialist principles comment.

Now he says time to stop talking about it, when he was the one who started talking about it!

Anonymous said...

This clown is a Plaid Press Officer.

Vote Plaid and you know what to expect.