Monday, 29 October 2007

The Hain Drain

Peter Hain is back-pedalling on the process of devolution leading to the formation of a Welsh Parliament. He is saying that a referendum should not be held before 2011 and threatens a veto on it. He is an convinced opponent of the path towards independence for Wales. He should retract his comments, and not contradict the terms of the One Wales Agreement.

In Scotland Labour's stranglehold on the nation is at an end. The back of Labour Unionism is broken for ever and the country forges ahead in the light of a new and dynamic political awareness. Wales will not be far behind, despite Peter Hain and the moghuls of fake devolution and unionist hegemony.


Anonymous said...

What does Hain know he can't even count. I seem to remember him saying that the nationalists ambitions would die a slow death when we had devolution. He was wrong then, and he's wrong now, he wants to cause a fall out between P.C and Welsh Lab, with a bit of luck he will be sacked in the next reshuffle

John from Neath, Neath, Neath

alanindyfed said...


Better for him if he returns to the Kraal.

Plaid and Welsh Labour will go on regardless.