Friday, 26 October 2007

The Appointment of Sir Emyr

It seems strange to me that Don Touhig has commented in the way that he has on the appointment of Sir Emyr Jones Parry to head the All-Wales Convention, as stipulated in the programme laid out in the One Wales Agreement. I suspect that Don Touhig is attempting to create controversy where there is none. By choosing a person who is nearer to Welsh political life the appointment would possibly stir up controversy and division which could be exploited by opponents of the direction in which devolution is heading. This is why Don Touhig is upset with the appointment as it cannot easily be opposed or questioned as Sir Emyr Jones Parry's impartiality and nonpartisan background favour neither one group or another and he is seen to be unquestionably unbiased and above reproach.

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Anonymous said...

These Welsh MPs ... what are they good for ... with more powers headed for Brussels and Cardiff, it seems that their only role is to vote on domestic English matters.