Tuesday, 2 October 2007

An Election Announcement Could be Imminent

Various dates have been circulating with regard to an announcement from Gordon Brown calling for a snap election. Possible days for announcing the election are tomorrow, Thursday, or next Monday or Tuesday. It is our view that there will be a snap election this autumn and a possible date is now November 1st. In any case all preparations for this eventuality are in hand.

It seems that Lenin Cymru at Welsh Ramblings holds similar views to my own. Here is his recent blog posting.

A general election is inevitable, but so is a constitutional showdown

I've recently lost complete interest in politics, that's not because I don't care about the important issues - I do. It's just having lived for a fair number of years, I've become a cynic.

Take Tony Blair, everyone believed a new bright dawn was beckoning as he swept into power when he was elected in 97. Then, what did he do? He made Thatcher proud by favouring big business over the worker, and was responsible for the most unethical foreign policy ever.

My conclusion? Whoever you vote for in a Westminster election, you always get the Tories, the establishment, whatever you want to call them. Cameron, the next Blair, Brown the next Thatcher. It makes me sick.

It now looks almost inevitable that an election will be called in the next week or so. Maybe I'll be proved wrong, but as Labour parade their new recruits from the Tories, like Quentin Davies, I just wonder what they stand for anymore. I fear they stand for power rather than principle. That's why Westminster politics doesn't interest me anymore.

One debate that has interested a bit over the past few days is the constitutional wrangling over these LCOs. Apparently, Labour MPs are trying to hold up what they couldn't at their own party special conference, the One Wales (or whatever you want to call it) government programme. These legislative bids are backed by 100% of Assembly Members that's a mandate of just over 40% of the electorate, higher than the mandate of most Westminster governments. Yet, those London politicians are trying to hold up the plan to ban plastic bags and suspend the right to buy. Are these bids 'loony'? Hardly, yet still those unionist MPs tell Wales that we can't go are own way... That alone is enough to lose all faith in democracy.

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