Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The Cornish Language - Kernewek

Cornish is showing an example.

The Cornish language language is going against the general trend of minority languages. They are dying quickly according to a recent article in 'Le Monde.' There are currently around six thousand languages in the world but most of them are expected to die before long... THAT'S IF everying stated by Colette Grinevald of the University of Lyon-II is true. She says that around 100 languages will be lost in Europe according to an atlas publishe'd by UNESCO and amongst them will be Breton. The majority will be lost in Australia and in North and South America. She mentions the 300 languages that were spoken in America (i.e. the modern U.S.A.) before the European settlers arrived. There will only be about five at the end of the century.
Why? - She mentions the use of major languages for business in a globalized world, also the role of the state. A single language is considered good for national unity.
Is it true? - It's not certain because attitudes have changed and many people are resisting the death of their languages. They're ready to use the net and new technology in their battle. They are demonstrating a great desire to speak them. That's to say that our language could be just one of those that survive and others might well look to us if they're going to do something to save them.

I noticed that more Cornish flags are being flown around the Duchy and that place-names are being signposted in both languages in Kerrier. Attempts to revive the Cornish language are being frustrated and it faces an uphill struggle. Nevertheless books are being published in Cornish and it is being introduced in some schools.

yw yeth keltek Kernow. Bretonek yw y gar nessa, hag yma an dhiw yeth na, gans Kembrek, ow kul an bagas brythonek a'n kordh keltek.
Kernewek, Kernowek, Kernuack
Kewsys yn: Kernow
Kernewegoryon: 3 500
Klasyans genynnek: Eyndo-Europek
Rannyethow Kernewek Unys (Amendys),

Kernewek Kemmyn,
Kernuack Nowedga

Savla: Taves ranndiryel yn Kernow
ISO 639-1 kw
ISO 639-2 cor

Yma Kernewek ow kevrenna 80% a'y erva selvenek gans Bretonek, 75% gans Kembrek, ha 35% gans an yethow goedhelek, Iwerdhonek ha Gwydhelek an Alban. Yma Kembrek ow kevrenna 70% a'y erva selvenek gans Bretonek.

Avel yeth ranndiryel a Bow Kernow, yma Kernewek dhe les dh'unn gre soedhogel, hag yma Konsel Kernow (gwelewgh Politegieth Kernewek) ow ri arghans rag hwarvedhyansow y'n yeth dasserghyes.

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