Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Dilemma that is Peter Hain

Whatever Peter Hain, the Welsh Secretary, says or does is compromised for the simple reason that he supports Gordon Brown's promotion of "Britishness" and fears the breakup of the Union. Nevertheless, he is committed to the process of devolution as he was one of the architects of devolution. As I see it the natural consequence of devolution is the breakup of the Union, beginning with Scotland's bid for self-determination which is already being replicated in Wales.
Should Plaid take Hain's comments lying down or should they respond and challenge the logic and legitimacy of them? I would say the latter. The manner in which they do so is something that deserves consideration, in my view, as Plaid will be judged on its ability to reveal and rebut the inconsistencies of the opposition, and maintain its own unequivocal profile.
The fact is that Labour is divided on greater steps to devolution. The One Wales Agreement was ratified by the majority of Labour party delegates. Therefore Labour must make its position clear and speak with one voice. Plaid has a right to demand consistency from Labour, otherwise it throws the terms of the agreement into question in my view and threatens to bring the agreement into disrepute.

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