Sunday, 28 October 2007

Tracing Your Welsh Roots

There is a great deal of interest these days in tracing one's ancestral roots. As I have commented previously, and to allay scare-mongering tactics, anybody who wishes to identify with Wales and who is willing to give his/her wholehearted allegiance to the nation may do so, and be considered to be a citizen of Wales, whether or not they were born in the country or have any ancestral roots here. Wales is a multi-ethnic country, as so many European nations are today, yet it retains its distinctive culture. Newly arrived immigrants do not automatically consider themselves to be British, but often Welsh, and a fair number of them adopt Welsh ways and learn the language. By doing this they will enrich the nation and infuse vitality into the communities of which they are a part.
Here is an excerpt from the Welsh League of Arizona Newsletter :

A web site for those interested in their roots from Wales
This is a dna trace for information on your family tree
There is also a Wales-West dna group just starting up which some may be interested in.
Arnold James
Washington usa

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