Monday, 8 October 2007

Waiting for Godo

It is quite clear to anyone but the politically blind that Gordon Brown cancelled his plans for an imminent snap election when faced by the mounting pro-Tory polls and the prospect of a close run or even a defeat. The marginal seats would have turned blue for sure, and in Wales may have turned a Plaid shade of green. His dithering cost him his potential electoral success and has damaged his reputation as a decisive leader. The opposition parties are no doubt relieved that the election was called off but at the same time they are doubtlessly curious as to what the outcome might have been. We will now have to wait another two years to find out. Now Mr Brown has assumed the raiment of a self-styled visionary who sees a proud Britain forging ahead on the world's stage. But looking back on the past ten years we recall a different story, one which produced cut-backs, curtailment of services, closures, unemployment, greater taxation, mismanagement of funds and resources and the debacle in Iraq.

"Waiting for Godot" was a play by Samuel Beckett produced in 1953


Anonymous said...

yes, we know what "Waiting for Godot" is, you patronising tw*t

alanindyfed said...

Just because you happen to know about this does not mean that everybody is aware of it.