Saturday, 15 September 2007

Dydd Gwyl Owain Glyndwr - Sunday 16th

Today is the day to celebrate the life and deeds of Owain Glyndwr, a fighter for freedom and an academic and intellectual who set up universities in Wales and established the first Welsh Parliament and - to date - the last. We are determined, and should unite to achieve it, to set up the new Welsh Parliament in place of the National Assembly which, though it is the seat of government, has limited powers and cannot legislate for Wales in every field of governance. Most complaints laid against the Assembly relate to the fact that its hands are tied and it cannot carry out thoroughly the functions of government. Although it has recently been devolved further powers the fact remains that every law has to be approved and ratified by Westminster and the process is long, resulting in a delay of several months before the new law is put into force. This situation is not only tiresome - it is humiliating. It is the duty of every Welsh patriot, of whatever political complexion, to unite and campaign for a parliament for Wales - the People's Parliament.

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