Saturday, 29 September 2007

It's not the End of the World

Wales' hopes were dashed and the Fijians proved their mettle and their strength but all is not lost. If there is one thing which brings out the spirit of a Welshman it is the game of Rugby. It focuses the consciousness and stimulates the national fervour like nothing else does. Now that Wales is out of the competition where may all this energy be directed? Here is a suggestion - that the Welsh public now turn their attention to the cause of greater devolution, to a Welsh Parliament, and onward to Independence. If all the energy that goes into cheering on Wales at the rugby venues were directed into the national politics and support for Assembly government as opposed to the controlling tactics of Westminster how much greater would be the momentum towards self-determination for the nation?


Winston Churchill said...

Let's hope you're better at politics than rugby. otherwise you're sunk.

alanindyfed said...

Yes, we are all seasoned politicians.
We have had 82 years to develop our potential!