Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Flooding the Welsh Office with Verbiage

In a report by Tomos Livingstone in the "Western Mail" Peter Hain is asking for comments and opinions on the government's policies. So everyone can write to and email the Welsh Office with their views. Let us tell the Welsh Office to disband themselves and leave the legislators in the Assembly to run Wales, and tell Peter Hain to assist in setting up a Welsh Parliament, which is the right of every self-respecting nation. Deeds not words are what Wales needs.

However, all these comments and opinions should give the civil servants at the Welsh Office something to do to justify their unnecessary existence.

Mr Hain said, “Instead of just unleashing a legislative programme on one day, this is part of a process that people can be involved in. People can say what they feel should be in there that isn’t, or which proposals should be adjusted.”

He added, “The truth is that almost every bit of legislation that goes through Westminster affects Wales. Other than those matters which are properly devolved to the Assembly, there are huge numbers of bills – like the Pensions Bill – that are of vital interest to thousands of people.

“The message is, let me know what your views are, because a lot of what happens in Wales is run by the Assembly, but a lot of it isn’t.
“People shouldn’t disenfranchise themselves, they should talk to their MPs, and talk to me.”

Mr Hain said he expected the Wales Office to undertake similar direct-democracy projects in the future. “This is a serious approach to policy making and to parliamentary legislation.”
The first of the citizens’ juries announced by Mr Brown is due to meet in London tomorrow, to discuss children’s and youth services.

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