Sunday, 30 September 2007

We are all Raring to Go so Why the Delay?

The Conservatives say they are raring to go; the Liberal Democrats have been raring to go for some time; the Scots Nationalists are positively raring to go; Plaid Cymru is absolutely raring to go; the (British) Labour MPs are asking one another whether or not they are raring to go.
So what are we waiting for? Where is the announcement from Gordon Brown? The electors are raring to make a difference. Plaid Cymru in government is already making a difference. The SNP in its first 100 days has made a tremendous difference. Now the Flemings in Belgium want to make a difference. Why is it such an issue that the national ethnic groupings in Europe are voting for self-determination within the European Union? Make no mistake, this is where it is all leading.
Independent national entities with the EU.
Yes, bring on the election - life is getting interesting. Devolution spelled with an "R".

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