Monday, 3 September 2007

Depriving Welsh Communities of their Rights

At this very moment a confrontation is in progress between Cymdeithas yr Iaith and Carmarthenshire County Council in Pontyberem where Ffred Ffrancis and others have changed the locks of the local Welsh primary school which has been scheduled for closure, and have given the key to the community. Closure of the school deprives the Welsh community of its right to Welsh education in a Welsh-speaking community and drives another nail into the coffin of democracy denied. At some point it is apparent that a stand has to be made when uncaring and bureaucratic government rides rough-shod over the natural rights and requirements of a small and vibrant community. Democracy, if it is to function at all, must at times resist the incursions of rampant totalitarianism.

The point has been made and the occupation of the school is now ended.


Anonymous said...

Francis is a disgrace. Always has been.

johnny foreigner said...

So now, trespass and criminal damage are the order of the day for the Nationalist cause.

They have learned little since the days of their criminal founder and his acolytes.

The desperation of the Nationalist cause is now plain to see.

I wonder if, in the Nationalist Nirvana that Thread Thrancis and his cronies espouse, the same activity by monoglots would be tolerated?

Your permanently planted pal.