Saturday, 22 September 2007

The Prospect of a General Election

Independence Cymru forecast over two months ago that there would be an October General Election. All the indications pointed to this possibility, and now it appears to be becoming ever-more certain. Now, today, we sense that Labour is beginning to close ranks. Labour is waking up to the realisation that there is a widening gap between "Welsh" Labour and the Labour of Westminster and the leading figures are hastening to patch it up. Rhodri Morgan, who represents Labour in Wales and Peter Hain who represents the parliamentary MPs are now joining together to present a united front with the prospect of a coming General Election. No doubt this is the cause of an attack on Plaid's adherence to the goal of Welsh independence, and the renewed insistence that Plaid is "separatist". Plaid would counter with the argument that it is not "separatist" but is inclusive and outward-looking, but towards Europe and the wider world and not to the Union. Presumably Plaid would also advocate the grouping together of the nations of Britain for their mutual benefit and co-operation in different fields, those relating to the economy and security for example. These matters could be dealt with by a federal assembly composed of the four or five individual and free sovereign nations.
Be this as it may, the days when Labour ruled the roost in Wales are rapidly coming to an end, and the people of Wales, with a renewed feeling of confidence and hope, are moving forward and are putting the interests of Wales, their nation, before the self-interest of the traditional (British) political party which has dominated Welsh life for generations. In the view of this blog, it is Labour which is out of touch and out of step with the mood of the people of Wales and it is Plaid Cymru, the Party of Wales, which leads the way and to whom the future belongs.


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