Monday, 1 September 2008

BBC Panorama Questions Britishness

Yesterday evening I was fortunate enough to catch the programme " Panorama" on television.
It emerged that Britishness, as proclaimed with such enthusiasm by Gordon Brown and Jack Straw, is no big deal. In fact it appears to be irrelevant in contemporary political reality, and the efforts of the protagonists of Britishness actually harm their cause rather than enhance it, as well as making them appear a laughing stock in the eyes of the general public.

"What does Britishness mean to you?" Some of the interviewees appeared to be confused by the question, while others had no answer. The only words which expressed this concept were "flag" - "empire" - "Olympics" - and possibly Gordon Brown. What an Olympian let-down! It is quite possible, if this present government remains in office, that all citizens of the United Kingdom will be tested at the age of eighteen on their understanding of Britain and its culture, and to affirm their Britishness. The fact is that more coloured immigrants in Britain feel themselves to be more British than the native inhabitants, while the native inhabitants feel themselves to be Welsh, Scottish, English and Cornish. That is the reality in the society of today. Aside from that, some feel themselves tobe Europeans and some don't. The ones that don't are likely to vote for the UKIP party or the BNP.

So let us forget this so-called Britishness and be who we are.

At one time in the fast-receding past there existed a mighty Empire and a people who colonised
half the world, exploited its resources and became wealthy on the proceeds of the spoils. It glorified in its heroes and their exploits and their earnest attempts to civilise the savages and bring Christianity to the heathen. How are the mighty fallen.

Now the chickens have come home to roost, quite literally, and we live in a different world. Some of us realise it, others don't. Unfortunately, many of those who don't are in government. Britain does not need a Gordon Brown, but a Barack Obama, someone who can bring a contemporary vision which is in accordance with the reality of the times.

*people with contemporary vision: Alex Salmond, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Nicholas Sarkozy.


arthur english said...

You said.......

"The fact is that more coloured immigrants in Britain feel themselves to be more British than the native inhabitants"

....and you wouldn't want to have the same thoughts as "coloured" people, would you.

Is this just a further example of your racist doctrine?

Stonemason said...

I read yesterday, and used it as part of a post, that ....

"Nation States are merely systems of representation, created for social cohesion. It's a social construct."

I then added the question ......

"Who then constructed our "Wales", who created the allusion of Nationhood and community?"

I don't have an answer to that question, but I do feel very British, and I am not an immigrant.

alanindyfed said...

Wales was not constructed.
It has always been a nation, since the enforced separation of the Brythonic peoples.
Wales is not yet a nation-state with full sovereignty but the day will come.

arthur english said...

....and you wouldn't want to have the same thoughts as "coloured" people, would you.

alanindyfed said...

I'd appreciate Arthur English keeping his snide and libellous remarks to himself.
They do no good to his standing in these columns.

Thomas Davis comes home said...

That chainless wave and lovely land
Freedom and nationhood demand;
Be sure the great God never planned
For slumb'ring slaves a home so grand.
And long a brave and haughty race
Honoured and sentinelled the place.
Sing, Oh! not even their sons' disgrace
Can quite remove their glory's trace.

arthur english said...

libellous remarks, eh?

...and you wouldn't want to have the same thoughts as "coloured" people, would you? Or would you?

Your considered response would be most welcome.

alanindyfed said...

I often have the same thoughts as coloured people and my children are of mixed race
so I suggest you try a difference tack.
In fact I prefer their thoughts to yours, by far!

arthur english said...

So what's the problem with 'coloured' people preferring to consider themselves to be British?

kerdasi amaq said...

The whole concept of Britishness, was invented to flatter the Scots into thinking that they are the equals of the English.

'social cohesion' creates a nation, without 'social cohesion' you don't have a nation.

alanindyfed said...

Did I say there was a problem?
I was stating facts.
Not opinions/problems.
Take note of kerdasi's comments.
Learn from others.

arthur english said...

Phew! There's a relief.

I don't have any sense of cohesion with the Welsh nationalist cause, but am absolutely cohesed with the concept of Britishness.

Is that a problem?

Anonymous said...

but hark, a voice like thunder spake,
the West's awake, the West's awake,
Sing, oh, hurrah let England quake,
we watch...