Friday, 19 September 2008

Calling All Scots wherever they Roam

Now is the time to be thinking of home.....

Alex Salmond has made a clarion call to all Scots expatriate men and women around the globe to return to their native land – Alba – and join their fellow compatriots at home to build a better Scotland. In this endeavour Alex has co-opted the services of an iconic Scottish legendary figure, Sir Sean Connery no less, who is one of Scotland's greatest patriots and a leading supporter and advocate of the cause of independence.

The notable actor, Sir Sean, is an avid and involved golf enthusiast and the Chief Minister is keen that he should promote the sport of golf and assist in encouraging vagrant overseas Scots to make their home in Scotland and engage in the democratic sport of golf. Alex Salmond points out that golf in Scotland appeals not only to the upwardly mobile middle classes, but is a great leveller in contrast to its image south of the border.

Thus, returning Scots immigrants will play their part, as the immigrants to Ireland have done, in investing their industry and expertise in the land of their birth and origin, as Scotland - Alba - returns to sovereignty over its own affairs in its confident ands determined strides towards independence.

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