Saturday, 20 September 2008

Labour out-of-touch with Reality

Courtesy of Ray Bell

These are the 27 suggestions put forward by Liam Byrne, the immigration minister, to bring together the different communities living in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for Britishness Day.
These suggestions are contained in his pamphlet, titled "A More United Britain". It is all make-believe!

1 As a national event, celebrated in local areas2 With a good cross-section of society on the organising committee; lots of small community events; have a particular theme - different theme each year, set by organising committee3 By using TV to inform about British history; a speech by the Queen; TV link-ups around country:bounce:
4 In the form of a remembrance day celebrating the bravery of veterans.
5 By encouraging young people to visit or help older people; celebrate voluntary work.
6 Through school involvement – teach history, choirs singing.7 Through daytime activities to involve whole community, and evening for partying.
8 By holding street parties and neighbourhood get-together; would work as a street party – exchanging food and culture
9 As a carnival similar to the Notting Hill Carnival; big procession similar to St Paul's Carnival; fireworks
10 Through music – British or world music; concerts like Live Aid; British music; play local music; local dress
11 Through dance – British dancers; Morris dancing; folk dancing
12 Through food – British and other cultures; regional food; different cultures' foods
13 Through drinking
14 Through art; involve theatre; free film viewings on history of Britain
15 By having a sports theme – all nationalities can take part; football
16 By celebrating different cultural dress
17 By holding community discussions; meetings in town halls
18 By promoting posters of iconic figures, eg fallen heroes, Winston Churchill
19 By holding a ceremony to remember the good things over the past year
20 By appreciating the country; weather; enjoyment
21 Cheaply so people get involved
22 By holding free events around the city
23 By incorporating countries that used to be part of the Empire
24 By making it about integration
25 By using publicity to ensure people get involved – like Children in Need
26 By emphasising the theme of British life, immigration, remembrance; cost should be met locally as shows that putting into the local community helps to get something good back
27 In an understated but firm way, without fuss; show good and bad aspects of living in Britain (and how bad aspects are being addressed) – give honest picture.

Liam Byrne is not living in the real world but in Labour's Land of Make-Believe. Sad but True.

Now, all together, link arms and sing the most boring anthem in Europe - "God Save the Queen".

Alan in Dyfed

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