Monday, 15 September 2008

The Liberal Views of Old England

For anybody questioning the erratic and sometimes contradictory opinions put forward by the Liberals I would suggest that this party, the Liberal Democrats, are a party of Independents, all honest, good-hearted people but with their own individual views and solutions. They have always been a party of ideas and often successive Labour or Conservative governments have appropriated these ideas and made them their own.

I would personally like to see them in power in England as they deserve a chance to govern (along with a Plaid Wales and SNP Scotland). Of course I look forward to the time when Scotland and Wales are nation-states along with the Republic of Ireland, and the time when England has its own parliament and comes into its own. Liberals add colour to politics certainly, and they could be a breath of fresh air after the trials of successive Labour and Tory administrations.

I have always admired people who speak their mind and stand by their beliefs, though in the LibDem case this characteristic does not augur well for party unity or treading the party line. In this regard Labour are the opposite of them, a line-up of grey, colourless party-liners to whom the party is sacrosanct whose wisdom should never be questioned.

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Alfie said...

Nice of you to propose the Lib Dems to rule England - but I think we'll pass, thanks very much.

The Lib Dems have done as much as NuLab to try and eradicate England as a nation state. They have been enthusiastic supporters of the Euro regional model - synthetic amorphous-blobbed areas like the West Midlands, North West etc - shoved on us with with no protest allowed. They supported the unelected Regional Assemblies, and have always been firm backers of the dreadful Barnett Formula bribe.

So we do not want these Brit-obsessed control-freaked illiberal gasbags controlling us thanks very much. I would like to see a nationalist party govern England. The English Democrats would do - someone who will look after OUR interests (for a change). And maybe then, we too will get free prescriptions, generous residential care allowances and free further education..... As welll as a directly elected legislature (wow, democracy for the 50 million, whatever next!)

But one thing is for certain, we can only do that if we break free from the control freakery of the Scots Raj. The sooner that day comes, the better.