Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A Slick Speech for Survival

The speech, though quite well delivered, failed to address public concerns. Free laptops for school children is an idea filched from Plaid Cymru and nursery schools for two-year olds is another blow at family life. Meanwhile the public is rightly concerned about housing, hospitals, the price of food, the price of oil, and the declining state of the economy. Gordon Brown´s only solution is to borrow,borrow,borrow - driving the United Kingdom deeper into debt. It will take years to recover and the next government will inherit the debacle.

Are you prepared to give up £1,200 to bail out Britain?


kerdasi amaq said...

What liability would an independent Wales have for those debts?

Do the Welsh people want to continue to be members of an union, whose government borrows so recklessly?

NitroTab said...

No we do not support reckless borrowing or illegal wars and more nuclear power plants for that matter kerdas.

Unfortunetely though, only about 10% support independence in Wales at the present time.

Stonemason said...

The current economic problems are not of Brown's making, it is us, the public, the borrowers, the dreamers, the gamblers, "lets do the lottery".

It started with the privatisation of public utilities back in the ........

The only problem is that once again the hustlers moved in and won, did you ever see the "dice and three cups" at the seaside fair. Gullible public thinking you can get something for nothing. "You Loose" was the term used.