Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Put our Welsh dragon on the Union Jack! Or not!!

There has been overwhelming distaste for including the dragon on the Union Flag.

BBC NEWS | UK | Welsh dragon call for Union flag
The Union Jack should be combined with the Welsh flag, according to an MP who wants the change to be made to reflect Wales's status within the UK. What do you reckon - a good idea?
BBC Local News says that in a Commons debate, Wrexham's Labour MP Ian Lucas said Wales' Red Dragon should be added to the Union Jack's red, white and blue pattern.
He said the Union Jack currently only represented the other three UK nations. But Stewart Jackson, Conservative MP for Peterborough, said the plan was "eccentric" and would be unpopular.
Unpopular? Surely not in Wales if you want us to be 'recognised' on the Union flag - or perhaps the feeling is that Wales should not be on there so we stand apart. What do you think?

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* At 12:01 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Leigh wrote:

Completely and utterly unwanted.

At a time when Wales is looking toward a future with increased self governance it seems like a backward step to symbolically ingrain ourselves in the UK when we should be looking to cement our place as a European nation.

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* At 12:01 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Steve wrote:

I thought we wanted to be independent from the rest of the UK. It seems that we only want a national or international presence when it suits us. Waste of time and money. Hasn't Ian Lucas got better things to do?

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* At 12:26 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Craig wrote:

I was agreeing with Ian Lucas when i was reading the article a minute ago, but then i saw your comments. And I totally disagreed with Lucas! You guys have brought a valid point up which I totally agree with. Why go backwards when we're going forward?

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* At 12:57 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Alex McGee wrote:

Why dont we just run the cross of St David (a gold cross on a black field) through the centre of the red central cross of the union flag?

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* At 12:59 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Rhys wrote:

Hasn't Ian Lucas got better things to do?

Obviously not. Like most Labour MP's from Wales he knows the days of a cushy life in London will soon over when the number of Welsh MP's are reduced and is clutching at straws. I almost feel sorry for him.

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* At 01:21 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Daffyd wrote:

Keep it distinctive to Wales. And use the flag more and more. Trying to add it to the Union Jack is a retrograde step.

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* At 02:10 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* sion wrote:

na we dont 2nd place of us on the flag lets go for 1st place of independence!! Cymru AM byth!

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* At 02:19 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Liam Harries wrote:

no way...100%WELSH NOT BRITISH!!!

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* At 02:58 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Tiffany wrote:

I agree with everyones comments it would be a bad idea to try to put the red dragon on the flag. We want wales to be independant from the UK plus where exactly on the flag are they going to put the red dragon? it will look stupid!

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* At 03:00 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Huw Rollinson wrote:

This must absolutely NOT happen. I suspect Ian Lucas is merely seeking some publicity for himself. The bottom line is that the Union has only really existed in the minds of the English. The Welsh have always been Welsh, the Scots, Scottish etc.,

The Ddraig Goch is too fantastic a symbol to be tarnished by a dubious and unwarranted association with the Union flag.

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* At 03:50 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Katherine wrote:

No, thank you.
It would, I think, be a shame to see Y Ddraig Goch diminished in this way.

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* At 03:59 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Mic Thomas wrote:

More freedom less union

Leave the Draig alone - literally

* At 04:00 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Free Wales wrote:

Wales should not be represented on the union flag, as we were never conquered by the English.
Theres only one flag, and thats "Y Ddraig Goch"

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* At 04:40 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* screen wrote:

I think the political leaders want media coverage and are in wrong impression that they can create history by bringing such changes, I just laugh on this. I quite don't understand what is the need of doing this? In my opinion no one should be allowed to change the traditional emblem and heritage which is attached to our tradition, culture and belief.

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* At 07:07 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Ken Williams wrote:

All four emblems should be on the flag, a Welsh Dragon, Scottish Thistle, Irish Harp or Shamrock and English Rose. Perhaps in the middle of the Union Jack.
Lets unite our differences and build on the past.

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* At 07:49 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Rosalin Wakeman wrote:

I think the inclusion of the Welsh Dragon is an excellent idea. I deeply resent the present design of the union flag being taking to represent Britain when it patently does no such thing.
I would also abandon the 'Prince of Wales feathers' as a symbol of Wales and things Welsh. It represents a spurious title, and the German motto only compounds its inappropriateness.
The Welsh dragon is far more suitable from a cultural, historical and aesthetic standpoint.
Ros Wakeman

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* At 08:36 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* Arfon Jones wrote:

Ian Lucas is not in touch with public opinion in Wales. What we want is our own national flags and bin the Union flag. Lucas wants to reinvent the Union as he well knows with the unstoppable march to greater devolution he and his MP colleagues are going to be redundant and the sooner the better if this suggestion is the best he can come up with.

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* At 08:41 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* dave wrote:

why don't we call the dragon mohammed and be done with it.
what a waste of time and effort,
is this all we pay our mps wonder the counry`s in the mess it is

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* At 11:23 PM on 27 Nov 2007,
* St George wrote:

I'm English, very proud of it and I live in Wales.The Union Flag represents Great Britain but how many people class themselves as British? Mainly the immigrants living in the country. Every Welsh man I know is proud of his country and the flag that represents it, the Welsh Dragon. You really don't know how lucky you are to able to fly the flag. Unfortunately being English is not very P.C. at the moment and even flying the Cross of St George on St Georges day is offensive to the minorities!!!
The Welsh dont need any more representation, fly your flags while you still can because you never know when Mr Minority will turn up and try to put an end to all.

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* At 02:15 AM on 28 Nov 2007,
* Taliesin wrote:

Ian Lucas may be a Welsh MP, but he is English and decidely Unionist: his motives clearly reflect that and his suggestion should be seen in the context of Gordon "Rule Britannia" Brown's drive to promote a contructed "Britishness" (hence the "British" soccer squad for the London Olympics, a "Home Nations" tournament, etc,).
The solution here is obvious. Firstly, Northern Ireland is NOT a country but a province; republicans see it as part of Ireland and loyalists fly the flag of England, so neither side would object to removing Ireland from the flag. Secondly, we Welsh are quite happy with our own national flag so you can keep us off the UK flag with pleasure. Thirdly, the Scots will be bidding adieu shortly anyway. Remove us Celts and what you are left with is what the imperialist rag has always represented: dear old England, the land where bigotry has no name and all nations are regarded as equal(honest guv...). What the English do with it then is your their affair. How about selling it to the Yanks?

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* At 02:30 AM on 28 Nov 2007,
* destination wrote:

I am not British but I am aware about the historical and culture of Wales, to preserve our cultural value and tradition let it as it is.


alanindyfed said...

Re Northern Ireland :
Yes it is a province of Ireland and will be incorporated into the Republic of Ireland in course of time.

Anonymous said...

being pedantic it's part of a province of Ireland.

alanindyfed said...

Yes you are (pedantically) correct of course - the 6 counties and the rest,
Monaghan is one.

Me home is in Monaghan, oh there I was born...

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