Monday, 5 November 2007

A Point of View on the Grav Cup

It is precisely this mentality that holds sway within the WRU, that sends Welsh Rugby players out onto the field of International contest, representing Wales with a Bavarian Prince's gift from his father of, three ostrich feathers over a German motto of servitude. And tells them to wear the 'white dragon' of England on their shirt collars. IF they must display logos on their kit, they should be WELSH logos, shouldn't they? The public should be made aware of what these logos represent.
Our team lost so early on in the world cup, not because of the weakness or lack of skill of our players, or the inability of the coach, but because of this disgraceful attitude of the most senior members of the WRU.
Toadying to English royalty is just one of their continuing failings and has been prevalent for years.
What makes anyone think that they will take any notice of a petition even signed by every Welshman and woman?
What would draw their attention to this issue would be for everyone who attends the match to proudly display their own feelings in some obvious way. They could stand at an appropriate and predetermined moment in the proceedings and raise their hands as a 'gesture', whilst shouting "Grav." Everyone could wear a coloured (scarlet as opposed to red) ribbon or somesuch thing. As long as the press and media were made aware that it was going to be carried out and the significance of the 'gesture'.
Then the WRU would witness the strength of thousands of individual's feelings on the matter. If, then, they did not take notice of the widespread concerns raised. They should be asked to resign or be voted out by the member clubs of the WRU.
This seems unlikely, as major issues have been cleverly brushed aside by these people before.They are adept at 'side stepping' motions to remove them.
A campaign that consistantly brings pressure to bear on them to go, brought about by popular involvement in the national press and at 'club level'. Everyone concerned with Wales and Welsh rugby should be galvanised into action to rid the WRU of these dangerous toadies.

by David Petersen

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