Monday, 5 November 2007

More on Renaming the "Prince William Cup"


Thank you - Diolch o galon i chi!

Cambria’s Petition to rename the Prince William Cup the Ray Gravell Cup tops 1600 signatures in under two days!
Ray Gravell Cup

The people of Wales have responded in fiery fashion to the petition to rename the WRU cup to honour the memory of national hero Ray Gravell. AMs, MPs, writers, singers and poets from all over Wales and beyond have joined hundreds of fellow Welsh men and women by adding their signatures to the list, and many have made comments which are, in themselves, powerful and moving tributes to a great patriot, gentleman and sportsman. And the support continues to build by the hour.

A journalist from the weekly news magazine Golwg told Cambria this afternoon that he had contacted the Welsh Rugby Union and was informed by a spokesperson that despite growing popular demand, the organisation had ‘no intention of changing the name’ of the Prince William Cup.

Cambria’s publisher, Henry Jones-Davies said this evening "I think we need to need to send the WRU a very clear message indeed about what the people of Wales expect. We still hope that the WRU will respond positively to public demand. After all, the people signing this petition are the very ones who pay for the tickets which keep our national game going, and, indeed, ultimately pay the salaries of the management!"

Let’s make sure we spread the word even further and aim for 5000+ signatures over the next week. If the WRU management won’t respond to that, it will be nothing less than a national scandal - and they will become nothing less than a national embarrassment!

Henry Jones-Davies


Lionel said...

Diolch yn fawr iawn to you as well, Alan. ;) I'm glad to see more examples of such Cymricization taking place, to reclaim our heritage and identity as independent Welsh (in thought as much as in policy), not merely a minor appendage of the English.

From what I've heard, they're starting to open an increasing number of Welsh-medium schools even far outside Cardiff, and that's a key for us-- when kids learn Cymraeg early, it becomes natural for them to think and emote in it, unlike us grown-ups. So we're basically getting a generation of Welsh kids who are better at our language than we are, though I can't say I mind this fact!

Like others here, I hope we get more media productions done in Welsh, the same way that the Irish and Scots are producing so much these days in Irish or Scottish Gaelic. This helps to draw in the youth culture and create cultural beacons for us. A good cue for those of us in (or from) Wales to take-- and not just in the British Isles themselves but among the Welsh diaspora in the Americas and Australia as well!

landsker said...

Ray Gravell will always inspire the people of Wales far more than any Hannoverian "Prince".
Sadly the WRU have now have their heads firmly inserted within their own dark colonic tunnel.
Free rates for the millenium stadium, on account of its` importance to Wales?
Well, let`s have exemptions for the funfair at Barry Island, and for the ice cream parlours of Porthcawl, oh yes, and why should bin men pay tax?
After all, if not for the collectors of rubbish, Cardiff would certainly have no visitors at all.
Order of importance... Bin men or the stadium?