Sunday, 11 November 2007

Royalty Recognises no Welsh Identity

From "Wales on Sunday"

Prince Harry in flag storm

Nov 11 2007 by James McCarthy, Wales On Sunday

OUTRAGED republicans have blasted Prince Harry for failing to include Wales on his personal flag.
The 23-year-old heir to the throne was handed the livery on his 18th birthday.With its own crest, the standard is made up of four quarterings – two for England, one for Scotland and one for Ireland.
The proud Prince, a lieutenant in the army’s Blues and Royals regiment, flew it for the first time when he visited Portsmouth naval base last week.
But he has now come under fire for not featuring Wales on his crest.
And like his great-great-great- great grandmother Queen Victoria, Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood is not amused.She said: “This is just another example of how out of touch the monarchy is with Wales. The sooner we have an elected head of state for Wales the better.
“Prince William is patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, but a firm supporter of the English rugby team. But despite being an England fan, who shows no genuine interest in Wales, he still has a cup named in his honour for which Wales and South Africa will compete.”
Newport West MP Paul Flynn – who is pictured riding a Welsh dragon on his website – said: “The expensive vanity of heraldry should have been buried a century ago.
“The palace of Westminster is littered with symbols of Britain which ignore Wales. If Harry wishes to indulge himself by continuing this ridiculous flummery he should have had the good sense to include Wales instead of continuing with the neglect of the past, where people tended to think of England and Wales as one place.”
Yesterday, Clarence House said Wales was not included on the Prince’s standard due to it’s special place within the Principality.
A Royal spokeswoman said: “Only the Prince of Wales has Wales represented in his coat of arms.
“Prince Harry, like other members of the Royal Family, takes his from the monarch which begs the question ‘Why doesn’t the Queen have Wales represented on the Royal Standard?’
“There are four quarterings, two for England, one for Scotland and one for Ireland. Wales is not represented because of its special position as a Principality.”
Royalist campaign group Monarchy Wales says Prince Harry does enough for Wales.
Spokesman Neil Welton said: “Prince Harry has many connections to Wales, whether through his birth as a Prince of Wales, his numerous visits to the Principality or, indeed, his charity work. Prince Harry puts Wales on the map far better than any flag or Royal standard ever could.
“Did you know that in March, Prince Harry became the first ever Royal patron of the Welsh charity Dolen Cymru?
“This charity aims to promote friendship and understanding between the people of Wales and the people of Lesotho, South Africa.
“Friendship and understanding is something the people of Wales treasure and value highly. It is always better to be outward-looking, open and friendly than narrow-minded, short-sighted and parochial.”


Anonymous said...

Alan - of course the Royals recognize Welsh identity, just look at all the Welsh titles they've stolen ... Prince of Wales, Earl of merioneth, Earl of Snowdon ...

Anonymous said...

“The palace of Westminster is littered with symbols of Britain which ignore Wales."

What? I'm sorry but I could not help but notice the huge image of "St. David for Wales" above the entrance to the House of Commons.