Monday, 5 November 2007

Never in any Doubt - Independence Wins the Day

November 3, 2007


Wales 'could survive independently'

Labour will today signal a change of approach to the challenge posed by the Nationalists, accepting it must speak for people's hopes as well as fears and admitting Scotland would not "wither and die" as an independent country.
Today one of Labour's senior figures at Westminster says that the party has to change its approach to voters and accept that Scotland could survive as an independent country.
An SNP spokesman said:
"Labour in Scotland have played the same scaremongering game for years, flying in the face of the facts about Scotland's ability to prosper as an independent country."

Labour in Wales have played the same scaremongering game for years too. Before long it is very likely that there will be again a Conservative Government in Westminster. Only a minority of the Welsh people are likely to have voted for it yet Wales will still be bound to that Conservative Government. All this is likely to happen on or before 2010. Those opposing a referendum on a full law making Parliament for Wales before 2011 are putting narrow personal and party interest before the good of the Welsh people again.

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