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Salute the Cornish Nationalists

The following is from This is Cornwall blog.
In 1969 Daniel Cohn-Bendit faced the authorities by declaring : "We are all German Jews!" Similarly those who sympathise with Cornish independence aspirations could say: " We are all Cornish terrorists." Lech Walenska confronted the Polish Communists with Solidarity. The Cornish motto is "One and All" and indeed that says it all.


09:00 - 19 September 2007

A senior member of the Cornish Stannary Parliament protested his innocence yesterday after he was arrested by armed police investigating alleged terror plots against chefs Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver.Hugh Rowe, 53, vowed to clear his name following a dramatic dawn swoop on his home and the alleged seizure of dozens of his possessions.
He said the hoard of items taken from his flat included three St Piran flags, Cornish language tapes, computer equipment and a copy of a book on the commissioning of the QE II and the Twin Towers in New York.
Mr Rowe was one of four men held by detectives in a series of coordinated raids on addresses in Camborne and Falmouth.
Police said they were taken into custody on suspicion of the illegal possession of a firearm. All have been bailed to a date next January ahead of further inquiries. The operations are understood to be linked to a major probe into alleged plots by Cornish extremists against two of the country's most famous chefs.
A group calling itself the Cornish National Liberation Army (CNLA) is said to have earlier threatened to burn down one of Mr Stein's businesses in Padstow and declared the cars of his customers to be legitimate targets.
It said Fifteen - a charitable restaurant at Watergate Bay set up by Mr Oliver to help disadvantaged Cornish youngsters - was also in its sights.
The shadowy extremists branded the chef an "incomer" and claimed he was hurting local people by driving up house prices and living costs.
Their threats in an e-mail to a local newspaper in June were said to have been made via an Arabic web-hosting service.
Yesterday, Mr Rowe described the chilling moment when he was arrested outside his Camborne home by armed officers at around 7am.
"I was in my bedroom when I heard a loud knocking at the door," he said. "It didn't register at first but then I went downstairs to be confronted by police looking through the window.
"According to neighbours, there were 14 to 15 officers outside who had announced themselves as a tactical firearms unit. They shouted: 'Come out or we're coming in'. I replied: 'I can't wait to come out'."
Mr Rowe, an engineer, said he was arrested under the Data Protection Act then taken in handcuffs to Camborne police station where he said he spent more than nine hours in a cell. I explained some of my background and the jobs that I've had. I said I was a member of the Cornish Stannary Parliament and a member of many Cornish groups - on history, culture, agriculture, archaeology, book-writing and proof-reading."
The search warrant for his address - issued by a district judge to a detective constable based at Launceston police station and seen by the Cornish Guardian - reveals that officers were looking for a rifle and ammunition.
It also gave officers the authority to search for any computer or similar equipment "capable of taking, storing or sending images and emails" as well as "face masks, clothing and other items" displayed in a photograph.
This picture - published in a national paper shortly after the threats were made against the chefs - was said to feature hooded members of the CNLA.
"They were looking for the three people in the photograph which had appeared in the Sunday Express, or anyone connected to them," said Mr Rowe.
"I was shown it and stated that I knew none of the persons involved - and as they were masked, it would make that harder.
"Because of the seriousness with which they are treating this inquiry, and because I'm quite openly involved in the Cornish movement, they have wrongly linked me with this scenario.
"The Stannary Parliament is a completely peaceful, proactive and positive organisation."
Mr Rowe said he told officers involved in the raid where they would find what he described as his legally-held air rifle, which he said was not seized.
"They took three St Piran flags - they didn't seize my personal computer but they seized the computer tower which holds information and it seems they've also seized a computer-compatible digital camera."
He said the confiscated possessions also included a copy of Breaking the Chains by leading Cornish author John Angarrack; a human rights study guide; notes from the public inquiry into plans for a holiday village at Carlyon Bay; a silver An Gof anvil badge; his address book and hundreds of documents linked to regeneration projects in Camborne, Pool and Redruth.
Colin Murley, spokesman for the 24-member Cornish Stannary Parliament, said he was appalled by the police action.
He said: "While our member was in custody, they went through his home and we want confirmation from the police of the items they've taken.
"We've been writing to Government departments and European departments solidly for at least the last 10 years.
"They know all our phone numbers and email addresses. They probably know all about us.
"I don't like it at all - the true history of Cornwall is being suppressed," claimed Mr Murley, "It's a terrible thing that it (the parliament) should be associated with this investigation."
Mr Rowe, who says he suffers from blood pressure problems, was arrested on September 6 along with a 55-year-old man from Camborne and two men, aged 58 and 41, from the Falmouth area.
They were questioned by detectives before being bailed to return to Camborne police station on January 16 next year.
A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police refused to be drawn on any details of the probe.
PC Ashley Brooks said: "With regard to the items seized, they are part of an ongoing investigation and, as a result of that, we cannot make any further comment."

Reader comments

In todays paranoid society it seems the threat of being a terrorist is enough to get you locked up. has this government forgotten that this country of ours has been dealing with terrorist activities for centuries but as soon as the all mighty americans panic our government jumps into line and follows there lead doh how stupid are they . also if i say my wife and i are terrorists will they come and lock us up please as we are due to be homeless in 16 days then maybe we will atleast have a roof over our heads.
DPenn, Falmouth

The Cornish Motto is "One & All". " Onen hag Oll,"

Together we stand, Divided we fall!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think that society is being at all paranoid about the very real terrorist threat to the countries of the Britain.

However ....... that threat certainly doesn't come from the Cornish nationalists!

This reminds me of Sul y Blodau or the arrest of Bryn Fon