Saturday, 16 January 2010

Voice of the People on Planning and Development

Many people across Wales are disturbed by indiscriminate planning and development in Welsh communities with little or no consultation with the local inhabitants. The County Councils often ride roughshod over the will and needs of the people and the effects which planning has on the natural environment and the character of the countryside, as well as the life of the community.

It is true that people of little means have need of affordable housing but in most cases the developments are established for people of means who enter the communities from outside, including those who are escaping from life in the cities over the border. The effect is to create enclaves of people who have no interest in the community and it diminishes and destroys Welsh rural life as it has been for centuries past.

There are many examples such as this one illustrated below in a poll on the issue:

Dyma ganlyniad Refferendwm Bodelwyddan. Tybed os wyt ti'n gallu gwneud rhywbeth gyda'r ffigyrau yma. Eu rhoi rhywle mewn gwahanol wefannau efallai neu bwt o stori yn rhywle.

Nifer a bleidleisiodd 425 = 25.8%

Na 394

Ie 30

Difethwyd 1

Cyfanswm 425

Gordon Brown has warned voters they faced a Tory "squeeze" as he said Labour was the true party of the middle classes.
If Gordon Brown keeps referring to middle classes he implies that Britain is not a classless society. By referring to Tories as "toffs" he is widening class divisions. Yet he says he wants to create a classless society. If Labour is the true party of the middle classes let us all change class. Who wants to be middle class anyway? We can do better than that. Be classless!

Conclusion....Gordon Brown belongs to the Muddle Classes

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caebrwyn said...

I quite agree and the poll at Bodelwyddan is a good example, In Carmarthenshire our Plaid MP and AM have both expressed concerns such as these in the past yet the situation remains unchanged. With the forthcoming election I would be interested in Plaid's proposals to improve the planning process in this respect; the promise of 'providing more affordable homes' is insufficient, there needs to be a change in the attitude of the LPA's to the 'voice of the people' in local planning decisions and far more community engagement at all levels.