Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Chilcot Inquiry and Transparency in Public Affairs

Tony Blair gives evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry tomorrow. What is he going to say?

The transparent version:

"I thought that the U.N. had made a case for going to war with Saddam Hussein so I decided that we should go ahead and invade anyway. In any case we had the support of my friend President Bush who gave it his full blessing. No weapons of mass destruction were found but the British public were not to know that, and we must take the necessary steps to protect our country whether or not we are being threatened from abroad. We had a legal right to invade because the Attorney General told me so, after he had reconsidered his position and had second thoughts on the matter. Granted, it was underfunded and we did not have sufficient military supplies, helicopters and the like, but we had squandered so much on mismanaging the NHS and schools and other extravagant projects that we did not have the resources. It is all a question of priorities."

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SNP News: Afghanistan

"The Taliban has regrouped, the heroin trade is flourishing and we are backing a government with corruption problems. Meanwhile, too many ordinary Afghans are seeing precious little reconstruction and development. With even a cursory understanding of Afghan history it should be obvious that this is a recipe for disaster. We need a major rethink now."

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