Friday, 22 January 2010

Poll Results - Is Britain a Bastion of Free Speech?

The poll results are in and as expected they show a substantial majority of readers do not believe that Britain is still a bastion of Free Speech. They would probably show a similar result if the poll were conducted across the whole of Britain.
70% voted NO
17% voted YES
5% voted NOT SURE
and 5% had no idea what free speech means.

These figures indicate that the majority of people feel that they are not able to express themselves in this "democracy". If and when the Conservatives come into office they should roll back some of the Labour legislation which has brought about this disturbing state of affairs and reduce some of the punitive aspects and powers  of government. They should carry out an investigation of the role of the Police and the conduct of Social Welfare services. Furthermore they should establish a strict code of conduct for the County and Local Councils. 

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Older and Much Wiser said...


The poll results are in.

A whole 17 of them.

Why don't you grow up, Al?

You're giving we pensioners a bad name.