Saturday, 16 January 2010

Gordon Brown and his middle "Classless Society"

If Gordon Brown keeps referring to middle classes he implies that Britain is not a classless society. By referring to Tories as "toffs" he is widening class divisions. Yet he says he wants to create a classless society. If Labour is the true party of the middle classes let us all change class. Who wants to be middle class anyway? We can do better than that. Be classless!

Conclusion....Gordon Brown belongs to the Muddle Classes

For over a hundred years the Fabians have tried to increase the power of the state at the expense of society.  If there is one consistent aim from the time of the Webbs, through from Oswald Mosley up to Sunder Katawala today, it is to undermine a free, property owning society.  Fabians realise socialism will never triumph as long as people have capital and independence. (Guido Fawkes' blog)

Now, here's a pretty good cartoon (borrowed from Cornish Democrat)

Creating a better world? What a waste of energy and resources!

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