Sunday, 31 January 2010

Quentin Gargan on Energy in West Cork

A Green Candidate from West Cork

"The Irish Greens has made the same error as the Czech Greens of becoming subsumed in a right-wing coalition and, with no basic radical ideology to rely on, becoming a prop for the ruling right-wing party.

This is the problem facing all Green parties that follow the creed of “neither Left nor Right, but Green”. They end up increasingly resembling green mushy peas served as a puree by the right.
Greens must stick to their radical roots on the left, while pushing the left to not leave the planet and climate change as an optional add on. This is why Green Left, inside the Green Party of England and Wales, stands by the ideas of eco-socialism and will continue to sound the warning whenever we feel that Green parties are going down the same disastrous road as the Irish."

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Everyones Favourite Comrade said...

but is there anything unique about the UK greens to stop this from happening? Personally I don't think so