Friday, 1 January 2010

A View into Rural Wales

Bloggers of 2009 - Glyn Davies

I agree with many of Glyn Davies' views and sentiments, despite the fact that he is a Conservative as well as a a Unionist (for the present). He has a strong affinity with nature and the countryside. He is an environmentalist and animal (and baby) lover. He represents the best of  Welsh community life and cares for the health and welfare of the rural electorate of Montgomeryshire. He could be Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in the future Welsh government. He is down-to-earth and practical and not averse to building garden walls and cleaning out cowsheds and pigpens. He is a family man and a very different political animal from his nemesis with the very unWelsh name who seeks to cavort in the limelight and shock little old ladies. Despite having said all that my vote would go to Heledd Fychan, the Plaid candidate.

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