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No Dissent Within the Ranks - Absolutely!

BLOGGERS OF 2009 - Peter Black

On June 4th 2009 Peter Black AM wrote in his blog a posting entitled:
"Dissent Within the Ranks" following an article I wrote for the "Western Mail" with the heading "Time for Plaid to Pull Out of Coalition with Labour", with a suggestion (only a suggestion) that it might be the time for Plaid to disassociate itself from Labour following the series of gaffes and revelations, as well as the mismanagement of the economy, which have discredited the government in the eyes of the British public. Recently I have conducted a poll on this blog to ascertain the reaction of the readers to this proposal, and it has come out in favour of the status quo. So be it.*
Let it be said that there is no dissent within the ranks nor is any intended. There has always been transparency and open debate, which is a healthy sign of a democracy and of a democratic political party. Dissent, if there is any, is between the Labour Party in Wales and the Labour government in London, mainly with regard to funding and the Barnett formula. Although Plaid Cymru is in coalition with Labour in the Assembly, it has its own views, its own agenda and its own programme for Cymru.
Peter Black AM is a prolific blogger and expresses many views and ideas on Welsh politics. In fact he does a service to Plaid by producing a host of free publicity even though his views are often in opposition to those of the Party of Wales. Let us remember that the Liberal Democrats in Wales, as in Scotland, have not yet declared themselves in favour of self-determination and an independent nation status and remain a party of the Union. Nevertheless, as Alex Salmond would say, there is still time for them to change their minds on this issue!
Note:   *the final votes are in on the poll with the result being a tie, again it's neck and neck.
Comments from Peter's blog:

is this the same Alan in Dyfed who was claiming that a Labour Plaid coalition was the best thing that could ever happen and slagging off those Plaid people who disagreed?

Surely not?

For the record I think the coalition government has been much better than I expected...but I had low expectations!
It is arguable to say that it is in Plaid's interests not to be associated in coalition with Labour. On the other hand Plaid could be seen as the better part of the coalition when compared with Labour.

Either way, it's not Plaid's interests that ought to be paramount but the interests of Wales and this is where I think Alan is wrong. If Plaid leaves the coalition it leaves a minority Labour administration, swfitly followed by the Labour-Liberal coaltion that Ms Williams AM is seeking. Whither Wales' best interests then with either of those options?

Green Man - I suspect the Plaid AMs just ignore you!

View from Penarth - when I hear a Liberal describe Plaid as having "no principles and are opportunists" why do you think I keep hearing the words "pot", "kettle" and "black"?

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