Sunday, 17 January 2010

The State of Society in Britain Today


British society has been described as "sick" or "broken". Let us look at the facts. During the past 50 years British society has changed out of all recognition. The advances in technology have transformed the world we live in. Traditional values have broken down. There has been a decline in care and respect and an increase in yobbish behaviour. Drugs and alcohol have become widely available and popular. Vandalism and littering are ubiquitous particularly in the inner cities.

Surveillance cameras are to be seen everywhere and individual liberties are restricted.  Political correctness has replaced freedom of expression. Politicians fiddle their expenses, setting a poor example to their constituents. The gap between the very wealthy and the poor in society has widened. The jobless are forced to relocate to seek employment. Thieves have been tolerated and their victims have been incarcerated for daring to defend their lives and property. The prisons are hugely overcrowded. Public services have been reduced and have become more expensive and taxes have risen. Immigrants are given welfare benefits yet expatriate citizens are denied them.

There has been a litany of neglect, mismanagement and wastefulness by government, civil liberties have been eroded and the state has asserted its powers over individual rights. Yet there is a stirring amongst the public and the media which resists the trend and demands accountability. A variety of democratic movements are working actively to make a difference. They need our support.

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S Pol Haydon said...

Britain is a "sick" society,it has become a CCTV society and infact it has had to become this type of society for the protection of good citizens civil rights. The society is dying from a culture of excessive drinking and drugs. Long gone are the days of culture, the theatre is a word many do not posses in their vocabulary. Society is much more concerned with the latest celebrity trend rather than what is happening with their nation. The term Britain to me is somewhat a meaningless term, in my opinion it does not represent anyone but the English. There is a rich Celtic culture amony the Irish,Scotish and Welsh which the term British does not incorporate. However society has it seems lost the sense of morality and family.