Sunday, 24 January 2010

Joking in Britain will get you into Hot Water

thinking Man Who Twittered Hed Blow Up Doncaster Airport Arrested For Thought Crime PAUL Chambers has been arrested at Doncaster airport on terrorism charges for “joking” on Twitter that he would blow the place “sky high” if his flight was delayed.
On January 6, Mr Chambers makes his aside. He plans to travel to Ireland on January 15. and is worried that snow will alter his plans. He gets on Twitter:
“Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!!”
Police are contacted. Says Mr Chambers:
“My first thought upon hearing it was the police was that perhaps a member of my family had been in an accident. Then they said I was being arrested under the Terrorism Act and produced a piece of paper. It was a print-out of my Twitter page. That was when it dawned on me.”
Mr Chambers was arrested under the Terrorism Act. He is questioned for seven hours.
“I had to explain Twitter to them in its entirety because they’d never heard of it. Then they asked all about my home life, and how work was going, and other personal things.”
Have you ever been a Muslim or been exposed to the cause of Islam, sir? Are you non-white? Do you support a united Ireland? Are you sure you have always been white?
“The lead investigator kept asking, ‘Do you understand why this is happening?’ and saying, ‘It is the world we live in’.”

And now Lionheart has fallen foul of the thought police.
He writes on his blog:
“I am currently out of the Country and on my return home to England I am going to be arrested by British detectives on suspicion of Stirring up Racial Hatred by displaying written material” contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986.
This charge if found guilty carries a lengthy prison sentence, more than what most paedophiles and rapists receive, and all for writing words of truth about the barbarity that is living in the midst of our children, which threatens the very future of our Country.
The cultural weapon in the hands of the modern Jihad within Great Britain, silencing the opposition using our own laws against us - The Dumb Filthy Kaffir’s as the Moslem would say to his children behind closed doors.
What has become of my homeland, the land my forefathers fought and died for on the battlefields of the world when one of their children is forced into the position of facing years in prison for standing up for what is right and just within British society.
At least my words of truth have obviously now reached people’s eyes and ears, with the powers that be now intent on silencing me - Third World Tyranny in a supposed 21st Century democracy!
Is it right that people should be arrested for writing things and thinking things that the powers that be do not approve of? Is the UK now like Saudi Arabia?


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